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Solving The Sales Equation – Process, Software & People


About Drumfire

We solve the sales equation

Process, software & people for emerging technology products and services

Creating the optimal sales ecosystem requires all the right pieces in the right places. Some firms need the whole enchilada and others have portions of their sales process already dialed in.

Whether you are just getting going and need us from start to finish or we incorporate what’s already working great with your firm and add the missing elements, we have what you need. Our offerings are designed to explode your sales and create unicorn valuations!

Game Plan

  1. Value proposition
  2. Ideal/Targeted customer
  3. Identify decision makers and method
  4. Prospecting strategy
  5. Go to market plan
  6. Establish pricing

Required Tools

  1. Develop elevator speech
  2. Marketing, messaging and presentations
  3. Select and customize appropriate CRM
  4. Identify individual sales tools
  5. Sales training


  1. Determine long-term hiring plan to include regions and levels
  2. Identify candidate makeup
  3. Job descriptions and comp plans
  4. Have quotas in place for every level
  5. Go to market recruitment plan


  1. Create pipeline report
  2. Integrate and align sales objectives with corporate objectives
  3. Present to potential clients
  4. Negotiate
  5. Deliver

>    01.

Initial Assessment– Assess and analyze  company’s initial needs, as well as mid and long term needs as it relates to building out your sales organization

>    04.

Executive Search and placement– Recruit and deliver mid to high level revenue producing professionals

>    02.

Pipeline development– Build and develop an ongoing pipeline of sales professionals

>    05.

Sales Outsourcing– We partner with you and your organization to manage your sales function on an outsourced basis

>    03.

Contract through Drumfire– We advise and have the capability to have sales professionals begin their employment through Drumfire and ultimately move to the clients’ payroll at an agreed upon time.

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